– WIP – for saxophone & electronics – commissioned by Anja Nedremo.
– WIP – for 2 trombones & electronics.

– WIP – for sampler and prepared loudspeakers.
– WIP – for 2 percussionists, video & electronics.
– WIP – for ensemble  & multi-media.
– ‘Mutual Intelligibility‘ – for two strings, electronics & video.

‘Indgang’ – entry-music for scattered orchestra – commissioned by Aarhus Musikskole, SPOR New Music School & Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.
– ‘Dialude Reflections‘ – for guitar & live-electronics – commissioned by Jakob Bangsø.
‘Oboe pieces’ – for oboe & live-electronics.
– Very Nice 1961‘ – for audio & video.
 ‘String Quartet – Pow Wow’ – for prepared string quartet – premiered by Emanio Quartet at New Music for Strings Festival 2016, 31st September 2016, Lukas Kirken, Aarhus.

Loopygmietude’ – for prepared piano, percussion & electronics – premiered the 16th March 2016, LiteraturHaus, PULSAR-festival.
Counter Instrumental – for ensemble, electronics & tape – commissioned by Figura Ensemble.

COM unTime – for ensemble & tape – commissioned by Ensemble Recherche in relation to Klassen Arbeit – workshop – premier in November 2015.
Study for Quartet – for acoustical ensemble – commissioned by Njyd-Quartet – premiered the 11th March 2015, LiteraturHaus, PULSAR-festival.

Faulty Waterwork – for live-electronics, water box and tools – solo percussionist – premiered by Estonian percussionist Heigo Rosin at soloist concert 17th June 2015, Lille Sal, Musikhuset – Aarhus.

Dymlingen Røde – for flute duo – premiered at PULSAR-festival 2014 in LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen (DK).

Swarm – for ensemble – premiered by Aarhus Sinfonietta at PANORAMA-festival 2015 (workshop-version performed in 2014 by Esbjerg Ensemble).
IMPERATA – film music (string ensemble) for the new Danish movie under same name – commissioned by author, instructor, photographer and producer Niklas Destremau, Søren Vestergaard & Rune Gade Christiansen (Mr.Wolf).
Klanglig Dilatation – electronic piece – commissioned by Biagio Putignano for the inauguration of paintings & sculptures by artist Vittorio Dimastrogiovanni.
Amague – saxophone quartet – commissioned by Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet – world premiered at OpenDays Festival for New Music & Sound Art 2014 in Utzon Center, Aalborg (DK).

Qui ta’r le Sjælo – for guitar & cello – premiered at PULSAR-festival 2013 in LiteraturHaus, Copenhagen (DK).

‘Luminous Field’ – electronic piece.
Miroir de Sonorité I – for guitar ensemble – premiered at Guitar+ Festival 2013 in Symphonic Hall, Aarhus (DK).
‘Valebat Transsilvaniae’ – for chamber orchestra – commissioned by Chamber Players & Stostroems Academy for Young Talents (DK) – premiere in Nakskov Theater Hall (DK) 2013.
Less is more or less more – for solo guitar – dedicated to and commissioned by Jakob Bangsø – world premiered at RAMA-festival 2014 in Symphonic Hall, Aarhus (DK).
Falling In – film music (piano & cello) for the short film under same name – commissioned by author & instructor Ann-Sofie Packert.

DestopNews’ – Jingle for the sailing-news channel by same name – commissioned by Sébastien Destremau.

– Île de Sonorité II‘ – for ensemble – premiered by Aarhus Sinfonietta at a workshop concert.
– ‘Île de Sonorité – electronic piece – premiered at RAMA-festival 2012.

‘Når Mennesket Græder’ – electronic music for a theater piece by the same name – commissioned by author & instructor Jeanette Munzert.

‘Befal du dine Veje’ (choral) – for solo organ.

‘Dodeka’ – for solo piano.
– ‘Hybris & Nemesis’ – for ensemble.

‘Mellem Hav & Bjerge’ – for chamber orchestra.
– ‘Korridoren‘ – for solo piano.

5 thoughts on “Works

  1. Dear Loïc Destremau
    We are pleased to inform you that we are presenting your work at the OpenDays, festival for new music and sound art.
    see webpage:

    The very best wishes
    Kirstine Nielsen, Open Days Festival for contemporary music and sound art. 19 to 21 September 2014.

    1. Dear Kirstine Nielsen,
      I am very grateful and honoured to have had my work Amague world premiered by Jutlandia Saxophone Quartet at the Festival.
      Thank you.

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